Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Turning Tree

Sunday was Katie's birthday. And how old is she?

TREE!! Indeed.

Figuring it was our last year to get away with it, we had a low-key family celebration at Mum-mum's. Of course, the princess saw this as no reason to slum it like the rest of the commoners. Fresh coat of polish, pouty pink lips and her finest formal wear were insisted upon.

That's her smile now. I think years of being forced to stare into a flashbulb have taken its toll. She's scared squinty.

First things first, we dove headfirst into the pile of presents. It was like a pink and purple Christmas morning. Wrapping and tissue paper went whizzing by my head as each new gift was promptly tossed to the side in order to see what was in the next box. It was a great sight. I said the only thing that would have made the moment better was if we'd had our video camera to capture her frenzy. (and if it'd been me getting to open all the presents) Oh jealousy, you frequent tormentor...

Cousin Ali wanted in on the booty too. Too bad her booty is too big for that dress.

Roll Call l-r: Uncle Bill, Grampa-daddy, Carolee, Gramma-mommy and the big K-T.

Ms. Tee-tee McGee, Mum-mum, Ali (she got a day pass from the asylum to be with us today) and the other Michael in the family.

As the gifts had all been opened and breakfast was now over, Princess Katie began to sense that this party had gone bust.

She quickly summoned the help with a surreptitious "Psst!". "What this party needs is a sugary confection!", she declared with a twinkle in her eye.

The cake was presented and the princess was happy. Once again, peace and harmony were restored to the kingdom.

Can't forget the Mick.