Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ignorance is Bliss

Why didn't anyone tell me this was going on?

I could land a modeling gig as a Jenny Craig Before Photo.

Came across this picture in my computer. Almost fell out of my chair. Maybe it was a funhouse mirror trick? I could vomit. Of course, if I could vomit that easily, wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place...

I will rise above this. I am in training for the 2011 ING Half Marathon . And while I decided to try to run it before coming across this photo, I'd made no official announcement because, quite frankly, I figured I'd back out of it. But now, I CANT. Great. I will use the image burned onto my retinas of this photo as inspiration when I feel I can run no more (which so far has been about 3 minutes into each session).

Wish me luck.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Brief History of Noteworthy Events

MICHAEL STANDS! first photo: 10/6/10

9/13/10 (Late entry) Katie's first day of preschool at St. Patrick's (and she LOVES it. Miss Sharon is her best friend) Mick's first (but surely not last) mouthful of dirt.
10/8/10 Mick sets new time record for mood change (5.39 seconds)

Katie sets new speed record for... bigsisteritis attack (13.42 seconds, daily attempts are made to best herself)

Michael's first words: Tie between "Uh oh" and "All gone" (which comes out like "Ahugah") But both have adorable corresponding hand gestures.

On 10/10/10, Mick takes his first wobbly steps.

10/20/10 MDCW takes 10 steps (still wobbly)

10/22/10 Mom takes yet another attempt to film said steps. Mick does not cooperate. We do, however, manage to capture some other cute baby things... And, some priceless Katie commentary.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Dog Ate My Homework

And other excuses for not posting more.

Life is kicking my ass these days. I think the meds need to be adjusted.

I know I sound whiny when I say working and being a mother and a wife is hard, but sometimes I really think it is. Don't roll your eyes. It's only cliche when you're on the outside looking in. After all, the Stones didn't write "
Mother's Little Helper" about a damn Cuisinart.

I want to journal and document and record all the many, many, many fun and humorous things that happen EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE. My silent thoughts often take the form of a post - I categorize events and memories under snappy little titles in my brain. But life has been keeping me from my keyboard. Friends and family are recalling right now all the unanswered emails they've sent (I read them, then keep them in the Inbox assuring myself that the next time I log on Ill have just a little more time and will respond to every last correspondence. The result of this is 478 emails sitting in the Inbox and 10-13 people who think Ive snubbed them. Even my facebook has a layer of dust on its cover. Fortunately was alerted to a fabulous family spat played out in status update/comment threads, so I have kept up with some online drama. TGIF.

Where is my time going? I swear I just don't know. A typical week unfolds

Monday= Food Shopping/Cooking day. On weeks that I work T, W, Th I try to make all the week's meals on Monday so Manus can just reheat whatever on his DDDD (Double Duty Daddy Days) - Even though I only work part-time, on the days that I work I leave the house by 6am and don't return til 8:30pm or thereabouts. This means Manus must get the kids up and dressed and to school then work and pick them up and get them fed and bathed and to bed alone.

Tuesday-Thursday= Saving Lives

Friday= Recuperating from above, cleaning the house, laundrathon and bringing up the children to be smart, confident, responsible members of society. (yeah, that only takes an hour or so out of the week... no biggie)

Saturday and Sunday= Family time. This means I don't want Manus on the computer and so therefore, I don't get on the computer.

But I want to post because as I'd said in the beginning of this blog thing, it is the only baby book/kiddie timeline I've kept and it's not fair to have documented all of Katie's notable achievements and none of whatshisname's.


Well, now I've rambled on enough for one entry. Will end this one and start another.

* yes it's a real word. I heart dictionaries.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday breaks the silence...


Mick's first birthday was August 25th. If looked at from the perspective that it took 365 days for him to reach that milestone, it doesn't really look so bad that it took me a mere 38 days to post the pictures and videos.

Break those 38 days down to 13 days still out of the country thus internetless, 2 days jet-lagged, 10 days working (a.k.a. saving lives), 4 days solid cooking healthy, organic, eco-friendly superfoods for the family, 3 days spent coaxing family to eat said foods, 1 night drinking too much and 8 days recovering from it, it's almost like a speed record was set for how promptly I have chronicled my young lad's celebration. Applause not necessary.

We were in Ireland for Michael's first. Nana hosted the party, my mom sent over the decorations and Orla baked the cake.

Mick and Katie thoroughly enjoyed it all... especially the cake.

Happy Birthday my dear son. I love you. Yes, I know your sister had her pictures up within days of her first birthday and yes, Second-Child Syndrome sucks, but just think, one day you could be the middle child and THEN you'll really be SOL.
So buck up lil cowboy and go have fun being one!