Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A month of OHMYGOD

Well, we have been here a month. I did think I would get back to blogging before now. I was wrong.

And really, this is just a quickie to say we are here, we are alive, we are back in our apartment, I am back to work, I am so overwhelmed and I am struggling daily with the urge to run away. Far, far away. Alone.

The other day my friend was telling me about this stab of emotion she gets every now and again and she just wants to sit and cry. All of a sudden I recognized what I've been feeling. A permanent lump in my throat.

But this too shall pass.

Nothing like a new baby, an international move, packing and unpacking a house, a quasi-new job AND a precocious 2-going-on-12 toddler to spice things up. Oh yeah, and Christmas...

So, I apologize for the silence on my end. When I find time to breathe I have no desire to get on the computer. Or if I do, I read my emails then swear to respond to the messages "the next time".

But then again, my inbox has not been flooded with Well-Wishes and Welcome Homes, so to hell with ya. Our Christmas card pile is pitiful too. Don't think Im not paying attention. Last year you had an excuse not to send (though still a flimsy one... what's one international stamp) but this year.... I'm keeping a list and I'll unfriend you on fb, I swear it.

Here are some of the latest to tide you over til
I really resurface...

This boy drools like a mofo.

Tell me that isn't awesome!

Who's Katie?