Saturday, April 9, 2011

Totally neglected second child

This post is all about Michael. The second child, first son.
Insert all possible combinations of excuses for lack of blogging. I don't have the time to do it myself, if I want to actually post something today.

Mick is 19 months and 2 weeks today. He is 32 inches tall and 26 pounds. His first molars are just coming in now. With them, he has twelve teeth.

I already cant remember when he started walking but he is currently working on running. He throws (everything) overhand and can catch a ball if you happen to get it into his outstretched hands.

He is the quintessential boy.


Loves anything with wheels. He is content to sit on his tricycle and go nowhere. Though he'd rather be taken for a ride.

He loves his sister. She has exerted her big sister power all along, but now the student has become the master.
His repertoire includes hitting, pinching and biting. I got slapped across the face the other day and he wasn't joking when he did it.

I refer to him as DC sometimes, as he is totally a product of Day Care. This past year he was at Miami Shores Community Church which is close to Manus' office but far from everything else. I have no complaints about it aside from the overpowering stench of Pine Sol in his classroom. Next year he will go to St. Patrick's with his sister where he should really begin a quality education.

This stink of cleanser has done nothing to keep Mick from getting every bug that's gone around either. Every cough or cold has led to ear infections (at least 6 since last August) and now we have to make an appointment with an ENT to see about the insertion of ear tubes.

Mick has also been diagnosed with asthma. He has had a chronic dry cough since last August and on two occasions the docs have heard some wheezing so he's been on Flovent and Xopenex inhalers. Its hard to judge if he gets short of breath when he exerts himself or short of breath because he runs around in circles. I told the doctors that the only times he doesn't have the cough is during and for a few days after his many antibiotic courses (for the ear infections) but they say its only coincidence. This last visit (yesterday) the doc said maybe it's allergies all along so we're gonna try Singulair at night. I can't decide which diagnosis would be worse - asthma or allergies.

Where Katie is a bit timid, Mick charges in to everything at full speed. He's never met a garden hose he didn't like.

He is stubborn and determined and has the bumps and bruises to show for it. He fell and hit his mouth on something and after the torrent of blood subsided, I think it's permanently realigned his front teeth, one of which was already chipped by another boy-floor collision. He has a knot on the back of his head where he had a close encounter with the wrought iron leg of our coffee table. Just today he scratched his eye after inspecting a little too closely the business end of a power drill.

Current vocabulary list:



Huh-uh (you get the picture..)







(though the last 5 all usually sound like "ma-MA!")

car (ca)





cow (moo)

up (uppa)

water (wah-wah or agua)

juice (ju)

cracker (ca-ca)

poop (poopoo)

wooby (woo-woo)



dog (woo-woo)

night-night (ni-ni)

He gives hugs and kisses and waves Hi and Bye to everyone

And he loves to read with his Mummum

I know there is more to say about this funny, lovable boy, but no more time today. I love you Mickey