Saturday, December 11, 2010

Par for the Course

Happy Halloween. As it's December 11th, it makes perfect sense that I am only now posting the Halloween pictures. oh well.

I found this cute little Tinkerbell number at the Children's Exchange consignment shop. Matching shoes and fairy wings- it was great. Only she wouldn't wear it.

Try as I might, Katie insisted on her ballerina dress for her school party. Fortunately, Mick didn't mind not wearing his ballerina dress and was happy going as a Kilkenny Hurler.
Well, maybe not happy...
What we should have done was gone with a Disney theme. After all, we have our own Mickey...
And little Miss Minnie Mouse...
And, of course, don't forget GOOFY!!
Yup, Mick thinks I'm funny and that's all that matters.