Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I guess so.

I've gotten some grief over my last posting. I've mortified my inlaws.

This is how I look at it: Just about every woman of child-bearing age is either a) trying to get pregnant or b) trying not to get pregnant. I didn't consider subversive a topic in which on any given day you have a 50/50 chance of guessing.

But to save the sanity of my family, I am here on out instituting a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. If it works for the military, it can work for me.

So, ignore my last post. Besides, I didn't mean any of it anyway. Maybe I was just saying all of that to throw everyone off the scent. Maybe right now, I'm pregnant... with triplets. No! quadruplets! No! I'm going to be starting a new reality show called Manus and Kate Plus 8... I'll have eight babies all at once and the first episode will be about my funeral because my womb exploded.


On a related note, I did actually pull one of my old posts... someone came across it and wrote some very offensive comments on it. It was one from our trip to London and while I thought it all in good fun, someone else out there didn't. I must remember that strangers can read this blog and certainly, some are stranger than others.

Next post - nothing but good wholesome Christmas pictures!

Merry Christmas to everyone out there. I hope everyone is spending the day with the ones they love. I am so thankful that I am. Thanks mom and dad for making the trip over. I love you. Merry Christmas to all the Rices, my family in Pennsylvania and my beautiful Mum-mum. To the Loud-wigs and my (other) beautiful Mum-mum, we love and miss you and wish you were here! Have a shot of tequila for me. Can we play Pictionary over Skype?


Anonymous said...

Ooh, if we can play Pictionary over the internet, I am totally IN! Love that game!

Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful time.


Debbie said...

Merry Christmas Malinda!!!! Merry Christmas to Manus and little Miss Katie too!!! I hope you had the most fabulous of days together!

And, yeah, I too learned moderating blog comments is a must, unfortunately. Too many losers with too much time on their hands :-(

Kristy said...

Ahh yes, I got myself into the same trap. You talk about wanting to start a family (or add to it), and then everyone ASKS how "it's" going. Well, it can be a long process! So to beat the questions, you offer updates. But then get flack for that! I tell ya, this baby making stuff is a rough business! :-)

Love you bunches - enjoying picturing the Walshes and Frums together in Ireland...and of course wishing I could be there!