Friday, March 13, 2009

For the Record

When I was pregnant with Katie my mother gave me her old pregnancy journals. When she was looking through a box of my old baby things after Katie arrived, she came across the journals she'd kept when I was young. She wrote them as letters to me, telling me of my latest milestone or experience. They have been so much fun to read now that I am going through so much of the same 'growing up' with Katie. I admit, I am doing a little compare and contrast between Katie and the young Malinda and truth be told, I was just a lot smarter than she is. Poor thing. Anyway... while I'd considered doing the same for my children, I quickly thought of my cousin Jenny, the youngest of the brood, as we watched old 8mm film of her older siblings, asking, "where are all the movies of me when I was a kid?" Uh... ooops. And since we have planned on having three kids, I knew our youngest, too, would surely suffer from Third Kid Syndrome so I intentionally set the bar low - entering only the most minimal data into the baby books and opting out of the "Dear Katie" spiral bound notebooks.

Then this blog came along. And it sort of is our journal of milestones and experiences with Katie and with our Irish adventure. So, I'll preempt the future "TMI" complaints with this statement and apology - Im going to use this blog to share with 'future Katie' all the new and cute and entertaining and super-frustrating she does and says and vandalizes. Im sorry if no one else finds it an enjoyable read. And I'll probably just have to buy kids #2 and #3 a new car or something to make up for all the anecdotes that will never be told of them.

Twenty years from now, if you are at my house you will hear something like this:

"Mom, why are there 1600 pictures of Katie as a baby and only 3 of me?"

"Listen, you..., you... whateveryournameis.... just be happy I remembered your birthday."

"Ma, it was last week and you forgot it!"

"I meant next year's..."


Gammy said...

You add such sunshine to my day!! Your children will always know how much you and Manus love them and what a character their mother is!!! Keep up the blog writing...half the world enjoys it!The other half? Who cares! Gammy

Leslie said...

So true, so true! Poor Parker has never seen the inside of a photo studio, while Hailey had a photo shoot every couple of months. I've only printed pics of Parker once in the 6 months he has been alive- I have over 300 of Hailey. Such neglect.

Debbie said...

LOL! Man, you're right on. I think I have over 5000 digi pics of Emma Claire in my iphoto library.

Do you think I've taken one belly shot of this one yet?

Not one. How sad.