Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Due dates are for sissies

So as you know from my last post, I was having a sympathetic freak-out for my friend, Kristy whose due date was July 4th. I nearly hyperventilated when I got notice that she went into labor Saturday morning!

"This cannot be!", I declared outloud. "We aren't ready!!" I stated to a dumbfounded crowd of onlookers including my husband, daughter and out-of-town guests. Then I paced and wrung my hands for the next few hours, awaiting further updates.

Somehow I really felt that my unpreparedness might somehow adversely affect the process. Megalomania with side of egocentrism, anyone?

Kiley Faith arrived without complication (and, amazingly without my assistance) at 4:50 pm on Saturday, June 20th. And, my word, she is a beautiful girl. Really gorgeous - right down to perfect little eyebrows and pouty lips. And normally we say nice things but don't really mean it when talking about newborns, but just look at her...
Kristy and Nick are great, beautiful people but c'mon - who knew they were capable of this?
Now, a big, pink, poofy dress on Day One? I think I knew they were capable of that....(Dont look at me for fashion tips though, I kept Katie in nothing but a onesie and socks for the first three months of life. That's all she'd be wearing now if it weren't for the hard work of Grandma and Nana.)

She is just perfect. Great work, guys! Now, send more pictures!

Next up on the "to due" list is my cousin Sarah. She is supposed to have her second little girl on July 13th. Let's see if she knows how to keep a promise. I don't think my heart can handle another jolt..


Nocturnal Queen said...

Wow. Look at all that hair. You're right, she is beautiful. :-)

Debbie said...

LOL - (1) This little girl is absolutely beautiful, and (2) yeah, we're getting really, really close. My current class finishes on August 16th. Let's just hope I'm not finishing up a research paper in a hospital gown with a baby on my boob.

Kristy said...

You are amazing, Mali! Thank you for including the news on your blog - I love it! I must admit the poofy pink dress was from her YaYa so that was just for show...she does live in onesies and those adorable footed PJ's! (Although mostly onesies, b/c it is freakin' hot here in NC!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! She is gorgeous! I'm hoping Sarah goes early as my Summer Science Institute starts July 13 and I will miss the first day. Of course, what better reason to miss it than the birth of my second grandchild! I keep reminding Tommy that if I miss, he owes me the $250 of pay I will miss out on! Geonna will be worth it! :)