Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Same and same

We weren't sure who Mick looked like when he was first born. Me? Manus? Then we looked back at the pictures of Katie. There is a bit of a family resemblance. See if you can tell who is who.

Or maybe we just aren't original enough with our photo ops....

Manus changes the first diapers. Both times. And that shirt. I'm not allowed to give birth if he isn't wearing the Kilkenny colors. Um... obsessed much?

This used to be where I lay my head.

Snug as two bugs in two rugs.

Different baby, same champagne. Some traditions are too good to retire.

And this one, I would SWEAR on a stack of bibles that this was Michael. And then god would send me to hell for lying. This is Katie. Doing her Michael impersonation. Take my word for it, it's good.


Debbie said...

Malinda, this is too cute! Amazing how much they look alike! And Manus is too much with that shirt - hilarious!

Leslie said...

Love it! But I would recognize Katie's legs anywhere :)