Wednesday, September 3, 2008

P.retty M.uch S.tressed

One week and counting and I am stressed and overwhelmed by how much needs to be done before we leave for the states. So I have been procrastinating and avoiding as much as I possibly can. I find that helps.

Fortunately these Irish-made birth control pills I'm on have me feeling like a teenager again! Un-fortunately its only the acne bloom and outrageously intense irrational mood swings that is bringing me back to those good auld days. Thank goodness I won't be taking those pills again any time soon.
Yes, you may read in between the lines with that one.

I'm in such 'bad humour' that I am annoying myself trying to write about our weekend in Belfast. Im looking through the pictures I took and saying, "oh great, thats another f**in beautiful shot of breathtaking scenery to figure out how to include. " After spending five minutes debating the pros and cons of centered vs left-justified placement, I decided the safest thing for me, the computer and my unsuspecting family to do is to postpone writing about our trip until the roller coaster of unjustified hostilities I call my emotions comes to a full and complete stop.

I'll try again tomorrow, but don't be holding your g-damn breath.


Leslie said...

glad it was a good trip...sorry about the acne. sorry to manus and katie for the hormonal instability. hate it for ya...but in all honesty my big, round, hotter than hell belly doesn't feel bad for you at all!

Kristy Hajimihalis said...

Hang in there, girl - it'll all get done. And if it doesn't - no biggie. Love to you three - can't wait to see you SO soon!

xandra said...

Will the baby be green or rainbow colored.