Thursday, September 25, 2008


When I start my own gang, that is what I am going to call it. And the gang sign will be an "S" made by touching your right thumb to your left hand fingertips while your hands are both making Cs like you are holding onto two ice-cold Bud Light cans. I'd look for an appropriate picture on Google, but I'm sorta certain that really is a gang sign that I saw on one of those "Behind Bars" shows and I don't want to call to myself the wrong kind of attention.

I know it has been a while since my last blog. It feels good to be too busy to blog. Too much has happened to retell it all.. I will recap by just listing the titles I would have used had I blogged about everything...

Just Plane Long; the story of our trip from Dublin to Charlotte.
American in America; my clever play on words.

Jammin' with Nelson's Fruit; blessed nuptuals of Denny Nelson and my friend Naomi Fruit.*
Katching Up with Kristy; my Sunday night in Charlotte with Sushi -uh, and Kristy.
Are You F*@%! Kidding me?; Getting on another plane to Miami.
Home Sweet Home
Nasty Canast-y; Game day with the Family (my first card game in over 5 months...that's just wrong.)
Play Date; Katie and Ed sip lattes and chat while Malinda and Georgie have tummy time and drool on ourselves*
Code Chardonnay, STAT!; drinks with the 5 Tower crew*


  • 31 reasons to celebrate
  • P*A*R*T*Y! Good friends, good fun -> Bad idea, bad headache
  • What were we thinking?
  • I'm Way Too Old for this Sh*t
  • ...Never Again...(til the next time)
And now we are caught up. Arrived in Sacramento on Tuesday. A few appropriate titles to smooth your transition into the PST timezone:
(Maestro, please...)

Sacre Bleu! Sacramento!
LIVE! from Folsom
Some like it Hot...
I Fell into a Burning Ring of Fire
I Think Im Going to Like it Here

I really couldn't say it better than these guys...

* I will post a few pictures of these events tomorrow. There are over 500 photos on the camera... it's gonna take some time to upload.


Debbie said...

LOL ~ entertaining as always. So glad you're having a good time while you're here! Looking forward to seeing the pics.

Leslie said...

Get on with the downloading..or is is uploading?...WHATEVER! I want more pics too!!