Friday, April 17, 2009

Basket of Chocolate Eggs and Easter Pictures

Once upon a time in a land far, far, far away (Kilkenny, of course) there lived a beautiful young princess named Princess Katie. Princess Katie was sad because she didn't have any new clothes to wear for Easter. The evil custom's office in Portlaois, Ireland was holding her magical package of dresses hostage in a tall tower that was guarded by cruel customs charges and tax fees.

Just in the nick of time, Katie's fairy Grandmother appeared at the front door disguised as the Post Man. S/He waved the magic wand and...Hooray! The box had been delivered! Everyone in the kingdom cheered as Princess Katie was once again the most beautifully dressed girl on Easter Sunday.

Princess Katie spend her formative years watching E! Red Carpet specials and studying imported People magazines. She was, therefore, well prepared for her princess posing duties in the new royal gowns.

Like a true diva princess, Katie insisted on multiple costume changes throughout the holiday. As she wore the plaid dress for Saturday night mass, she said she would rather eat a poison apple and sleep for a thousand years than be seen in the same thing Easter morning.

The king and queen wished their royal camera had a video feature in order to catch Princess Katie as she twirled around the bedroom to show off all angles of her polka dotted dress.
That magic box from Grandma was surely magical indeed, for in addition to many beautiful clothes (more even than shown above), there was all kinds of easter goodies for Katie's Easter basket. The Irish have different traditions, giving all the princes and princesses in the kingdom large hollow chocolate eggs that are filled with other chocolate treats. Katie had bestowed upon her many of those cocoa confections from her royal Irish subjects; Lord Papa and Lady Nana, Count Brian and Countess Bronwyn and the great court jesters, Oisin and Connor.
The day's festivities began with the Royal Egg Hunt. Princess Katie insisted on imported plastic eggs as again, the tradition was foreign in the land of Erin. Once again, all the king and queen had to do was wish upon the brightest star and the fairy Grandmother made a multitude of plastic eggs magically appear.

After the eggs were found and the chocolate consumed, they all lived happily ever after, at least until the sugar rush kicked in.
The End


Jared said...

Very nice story. Well told! All you need is a soundtrack with singing animals and a handsome toddler prince character and you have yourself a movie.

Leslie said...

Oh beautiful Princess Katie, your sweet Prince Parker awaits you. Please come visit us in the land of honkey tonk and you will live happily ever after.

Kristy said...

Oh I love this Fairy Tale! She is such a princess in her beautiful Easter dresses! (Save those for me, sister!) I learned over the weekend that I'll have some new traditions to teach "Olive," as Greek Easter is a whole different egg (HA!) than American Easter (as they call it). I believe costume changes will be in our daughter's future, too. (The two Easters only fall on the same Sunday every 4 years - who knew?!)

Debbie said...

Ahhh...sweet Katie, what a beautiful Easter Princess. Looks like she had a great time :-)