Monday, April 27, 2009

Eiredate: 27/04/09 Day: 369

We have passed the one-year mark in our "Adventures in Ireland". I tried to celebrate our one-year anniversary yesterday only to have Manus inform me I was 3 days late. Time just flies when you are having fun... I can't believe we have been here a year. Though we did have that time in California, so-

Started my adaptation course in the Dublin hospital. Last week was three days of orientation lecture, today was the first day on the ward.

I hate being the new kid.

Maybe someday I'll have the energy to describe, but someday ain't today. I haven't done twelve hours in a LOOOOOONG time. And I have to do it again tomorrow (and Wednesday)...


Leslie said...

Proud of you preggers! I'm sure there is part of you that hates it and part that is happy to be smart again. Try to be the glass half full part, it ain't easy sometimes :)

Debbie said...

Please update when you have the energy! You made some progress with the nursing thing? I don't envy you - those 12 hour shifts are a killer for sure, especially with a little one on board :-(