Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Christmas!

So little is done to celebrate the oft-forgotten one month anniversary of Christmas and I say "Nay! It's time we shine a spotlight on this dark corner of little-known January holiday! Let's relive Christmas - with pictures"

Go ahead and file this one under "Things are Different Here"; Santa may have a workshop and an enchanted forest in America, but only here in Ireland will you find Santa's Grotto. We went with Tom and Mary and the boys to visit Santa in his cave.

We walked past the reindeer paddocks and down a long path by the river. I told Katie if she misbehaved, not only would Santa put her on the naughty list, load her stocking with coal and ban her from holiday cheer, but he would feed her to his bears.

She looked at me as if to say, "bullshit". If you can't threaten your kids with Santa, how will you ever get them to respect you?

Kissing Cousins. Oisin and Katie are great friends. We have a playdate with Oisin and baby Conor at least once a week. Mary has quickly become a good, good friend.

Boys will be boys; Oisin cozies up looking for another smooch. We Walsh Woman are known to drive the men wild...

They hitched a ride on Santa's sleigh.

The obligatory Santa photos: Never is there a happy kid in the picture. Oisin feared for his life after he watched Santa put Conor in a zombie trance with his voodoo mind tricks.

Katie immediately goes on the offensive, proving she too can stare down her enemies, swiftly reducing Santa to a quivering mass of silky fake beard and cookie crumbs.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. Katie shows off her holiday wear as we ready ourselves for midnight mass (held at 6pm).

Katie loves her new toy - Nana and Pop win the prize with Katie's rocking horse. She has finally learned how to get up on it all by herself and sing her song, "Arse-y, arse-y"

All the family came over for Christmas brunch and Katie got to play with her cousin Esme. Esme tried to engage her in a game of ball, but Katie was busy with her new Willy Wonka plastic crack pipe.

Dinner was out at Desart. Nana made an amazing four course dinner and the table was set complete with holiday crackers and the good crystal goblets. Manus was hired on as the waiter, keeping our wine glasses overflowing, our plates always full and once, just once, as he was passing the soups, we each got a quick pinch on the rear. Anything for a good tip, I suppose.

On the 26th, we headed out to county Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula. The views out there are breathtaking - as was the bone-chilling wind blowing along this stretch of beach.

See how the road hugs the edge of the cliff? I wasn't allowed to drive that day.

This was the view from the B&B we stayed in in Cloghane, county Kerry. In the morning those little puddles were frozen over. So I jumped on them and cracked them. Good times.

Katie says she can't wait for next year. She apologizes for the lack of pictures of her grandparents who traveled over sea and over dale to see her, but the only photos we captured of them were these:

Further proof that the two were made for each other.


Clodagh said...

We have some great pictures of Esme on Katies rocking horse, she loved it. I like the pictures of Kerry and am planning to drive over the Conor Pass(for the first time) when we are down there in a few weeks, not sure anyone will want to be in the car with me though!!

xandra said...

so glad you are blogging again.