Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maybe it's s.a.d.?

I know I haven't been blogging lately and I'd love to have a good excuse for it, but I don't.
I've lost all motivation.
But I do think it will come back to me eventually, just like my old dog Skip.

Okay, so I never had a dog named Skip. But wouldn't be funny if you had a dog and you named it Skip N. Town and then it did run away? There would be absolutely no one to blame but yourself.

I think I'm going to blame the weather. Is there truth to seasonal affective disorder? I hope so because I need something external towards which to direct my angst. And Manus said his turn is up. It's not even all that bad here - today it was 5 degrees Celsius. My friend Erica is in Boston with 5 degree Fahrenheit weather. THAT is cold. We've had a flurry of snow (can you say it that way? A gaggle of geese is all I've ever been sure about) once and ice on the windshield infrequent enough that I am still completely amused by it. But the darkness. There are an unusually high number of dark hours these days and I'm not sure if you know how close Miami is the equator (I'm not all that sure either) but lets just say that "short days, long nights" is a new concept to me.

That being said, I will get back to more regular posting...sometime. I have so many pictures from Christmas and more heart-warming vomit stories, but for now... I'll leave you with some Katie.

It's all the rage these days, I'm telling you. The rosary just finishes off the look.

(Just don't tell Katie she wasn't the first to try it - her ego is a bit fragile.) This is Hailey Maupin circa July '07. Truly the fashion pioneer.


The Stewart Report said...

LMAO! Cutest picture ever :)

erica said...

5 degrees bite. Or is it bites? And the seasonal depression thing is real, especially for girls from Miami.

Debbie said...

LOL - love the new look Katie :-)

I couldn't deal with the short days either, totally depressing. Especially for Miami natives! I'll send some sunshine vibes your way ;-)

And you aren't the only one who's been slacking on the blogging, so don't feel bad. But don't slack, either. I love the laughs :-D