Saturday, March 13, 2010

FLiP Fantastic

A little video starring my three favorite things...
Katie, Michael and the Gators.

Aw, poor Manus. Didn't make the top three? Maybe someday. You're easily in my top 20.

Only a doting mother would find feeding a baby interesting enough to record. Only a delusional one would think anyone else would be interested in watching it.

Gotta love this FLiP!


Leslie said...

OMG! TWO WHOLE BLOG POSTS?!?!?!?!? Love it! I feel somehow reconnected to you.

Those two little people are beautiful. I mean seriously beautiful. Wanna come visit Phoenix? It would be WAY more fun than working and being in Miami. I promise.

Debbie said...

Beautiful! Mickey looks like such a little doll. And I love how he was totally offended when Katie laid down on his arm. They're taking count, ya know. Of all the little sit-on's and head bops. Fingers in the eye, etc, etc. They're like, "one day, when I'm on the crawl, I'm gonna go right up to that big sister of mine and really let er' have it!"

I say we all go to Phoenix :-)

Jared said...

It seems I need to get those University of Tennessee pajamas in the mail immediately. A Gator mobile? YIKES!

I'm not detecting an Irish brogue coming from Katie. Sounds like Mom to me.

Great videos!