Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kilkennian in America

We have this book sitting on our coffee table. It's a hardback book showcasing all the great moments in Kilkenny Hurling from the 2009 season. Hard to believe Manus doesn't have it enshrined and behind a thick wall of bulletproof glass, but he needs it to be accessible so he can easily peruse it once, twice,...hourly.

The guy on the cover is none other than one Martin Comerford. Otherwise know as Gorta. I have spoken about him previously

So on St. Patty's Day Eve, Manus gets a call from his friend, Martin over at
John Martins asking if Manus knows of any place that will be broadcasting the Hurling Club Final on TV (yes! of course, the Hurling Club Final... don't tell me you forgot it was on and didn't set your TiVo!?) as he has a Kilkenny couple over on their holidays interested in watching it. Well, Manus says, he's going to watch it on the computer at home and, being the friendly and accommodating Irishman that he is, he suggests the aforementioned couple come over to our house and watch the match here.

So they do. And that couple is none other than.... (insert drumroll here)

C'mon Rocket Scientists, get out your calculators and figure out this one...

That's right, you guessed it...

Martin Comerford and his new bride, Paula.

They were over on their honeymoon, staying in a hotel just blocks from our house, got sent to John Martins to find out about the match and ended up here -

On our couch!

Watching our TV!

Sitting mere inches from the book whose cover bears his likeness!

Our brush with greatness and where was I? AT WORK! Is there no justice in the world?!

Manus, being the uber-cool dude that he is, would never have asked for an autograph or photo op, so I am left to my uber-uncoolness to imagine what it must have looked like...

Probably something like this:

The great MC on our couch!!

And it was probably at that very moment when Katie, having been kept out of school for the day so she too could rub shoulders with celebrity, was in the next room cutting her own hair with her pair of not-so-safety scissors. Yep, big clump from the left side.

What in the world could have distracted her parent?


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jwhoo1 said...

So Manus continues to live the dream. Next thing Shefflin will call him to go a pint at Clarkes

Leslie said...

Are you serious?? No John Hancock on the book...really??


Miss you.