Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday breaks the silence...


Mick's first birthday was August 25th. If looked at from the perspective that it took 365 days for him to reach that milestone, it doesn't really look so bad that it took me a mere 38 days to post the pictures and videos.

Break those 38 days down to 13 days still out of the country thus internetless, 2 days jet-lagged, 10 days working (a.k.a. saving lives), 4 days solid cooking healthy, organic, eco-friendly superfoods for the family, 3 days spent coaxing family to eat said foods, 1 night drinking too much and 8 days recovering from it, it's almost like a speed record was set for how promptly I have chronicled my young lad's celebration. Applause not necessary.

We were in Ireland for Michael's first. Nana hosted the party, my mom sent over the decorations and Orla baked the cake.

Mick and Katie thoroughly enjoyed it all... especially the cake.

Happy Birthday my dear son. I love you. Yes, I know your sister had her pictures up within days of her first birthday and yes, Second-Child Syndrome sucks, but just think, one day you could be the middle child and THEN you'll really be SOL.
So buck up lil cowboy and go have fun being one!

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Debbie said...

LOL. Gurl, I've missed ya. Happy Birthday Mick! And have fun being one.