Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eleven eleven

Three years ago today...
I married my best friend. (or some crap like that)

11-11 was such an ideal date to get married because we knew we would never forget it. We even get two times a day when our digital clock reads out a reminder 11:11! and if one of us looks at the clock at that very moment, we shout out, "Eleven - eleven! I love you!" But 11-11 doesn't tell us how many years. When we were trying to figure it out last night we couldn't believe it'd been only three. Yes, sometimes it feels like forever.... But then, we think about how much has happened. Manus started a new business, we had Katie, and we moved to another country. We've been to Tahiti, New Zealand, Ireland, England, France, California!

I love my husband. I make his life amazingly difficult and he still wants to keep me around! I think that with every year together we learn a little more of what it means to be married. (I really thought it came with a handbook). I'm still not as good as I would like to be at telling him how much I appreciate all the sacrifices he has made for us. He works so hard, so many long hours and he doesn't complain. I am still struggling with "loving him FOR his faults, not just in spite of them" and he accepts and loves me for everything that I am. Sometimes I read his silence for indifference and I am wrong. Sometimes I am angry. Sometimes I am selfish. Sometimes I am childish. (shocking, I know...) I am so sorry for what those feelings bring and I am trying every day to grow and better myself - not just for me, but for my husband and the vows we took on this day three years ago. We are a team. Go team Walsh!

C'mon! Look at this GQ guy... What's not to love? Eat your hearts out, girls...
We were so amazingly blessed with friends. Manus more friends than me, obviously - but I'm lucky nonetheless. I know that we will have these people in our lives forever. And family too... Thank you to all of our family that were able to make the sacrifices to be with us on our wedding day. We have often talked together about what it meant to us to have so many and from so far away there to celebrate this life that began that day.

Going through all these pictures that I probably haven't looked at in two years has brought so many great memories back. I wish I could post all the pictures. It has been such a fun walk down memory lane. Does anyone know if Flickr allows these copyrighted proofs to be posted?
Christy Moore once said, "Life is an ocean, Love is a boat - In troubled waters, it will keep us afloat" ....So what if he failed to mention the occasional seasickness?
I love you, Manus.
Here's to another great three years. (at least, of course) Just keeping it to realistic goals... ;)


Clodagh said...

Happy Anniversary Malinda and Manus.

Your blog today was beautifully said, Malinda. Your sentiments will stike a cord with many husbands and wives.

Have a great anniverasry

Lots of love

Clodagh,Simon, Robert and Esme xxx

erica said...

I loved that...
Happy Anniversary!

Debbie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Jared said...

Happy Anniversary! Very nice post. Hope you had a good one. My parents were married on November 11 as well, and they've been married for 42 years. Perhaps it's a lucky date?