Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

As the Gators have just taken a commanding 42-3 lead over the Georgia Bulldogs, I feel it safe to avert my eyes from the tv screen to post some pictures of what I have entitled "The World's Cutest Bumble Bee Fairy Ever Of All Time. Ever. Ever. Eh-Ver"

Of course, she knows it, too...

Earlier this week we carved pumpkins with the McErlean family.

Ciaran keeps Eamon on task.

Manus looks to Aiden for advice. Did you know Ireland invented Halloween? That's all I've heard for the last five years. But these Irish would be nothing without this American to show them how this pumpkin carving thing is done. "Oh, well, we didn't do that part"... turns out they don't dress up and trick or treat either... The Irish may have invented it, but it took the Americans to make it fun. And Im going to drink green beer on St. Pat's day too, dammit!
Katie's first trick or treating. Out with friends Aiden, Ciaran, Connor and Dylan. Yep, all boys. Katie's daddy is in for YEARS of sleepless nights and fending off the suitors.
Well, game's over. Gators win 49-10. Now it's time to cheer on Texas Tech. (sorry Erica...)
Katie says, "GO GATORS! Raise the rooooof!"


Leslie said...

Love it! Definitely the cutest bumble-bee-fairy...whateveh!! Wish you were trick or treating with us instead :)

Jared said...

Remember when John Belushi and Dan Akroyd dressed up as bees and did musical numbers during the early years of Saturday Night Live? That's what I thought of when I saw Katie. But she is WAY cuter than Akroyd or Belushi! Happy Halloween!

Orflaith said...

We, the Irish did something similar to the pumpkin but we used a turnip instead. And I remember as a child going trick or treating but then I did live in dublin and there were lots of houses around unlike Desart. We go bobbing for apples too and there is always a bonfire and fireworks somewhere around. Halloween is good fun.

Kristy said...

She is adorable! Your little bumble bee fairy must have stung the Georgia Bulldogs and helped the Gators score ALL THOSE POINTS! Love and miss you guys!

Clodagh said...

Hey guys

Katie looks very cute in her outfit. Historically Jack O Lanterns were used by the Irish farmers when they went out in the fields and cutting turf in the peat bogs.They were originally made from turnips. When the Irish immigrated to the US turnips were hard to find so they used pumpkins instead as they were widely available and cheaper.

Malinda you had better get your winter woolies out as it is very cold over here. We had snow the other night! xxx