Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Amazing Woman

Turned 95 years old on Thursday.

She is still gorgeous.

We went over to her house to celebrate her birthday. And as we do whenever the family is together, we spent the whole day playing cards.

And drinking tequilla.

Katie is such a bad influence... just look at what she made her cousin Nicholas do -

They couldn't even stand up!

Or maybe it was the shoes..

Nicholas shows Pop and Katie the birthday cards.

And puts Mummum and Elissa in a double headlock.

Then helps mummum blow out her candles. Katie just wants the cake.

Happy Birthday to my Mummum, the most beautiful woman I know. And look! now she is good enough to eat


Jennifer said...

I'm so sad I wasn't there :(
She is the most beautiful woman ever. And damn, you're fast getting those pics up!

Orflaith said...

I know I have never met Mummum but I would like to wish her a Happy Birthday. Hope I look as good at 95.

Clodagh said...

Hi Malinda

Like my sister Orflaith I too do not know Mummum but would like to wish her a belated Happy Birthday.

Kind regards

Clodagh xx

Leslie said...

Happy birthday mum mum!!!!!! Not only is she beautiful she is smart, and funny, and totally awesome!! We should all be so lucky to grow old as gracefully as she has.

Gammy said...

She sets a wonderful example for all women!! I hope I can follow in her footsteps! Happy Birthday!!

Dustin said...

Manus and Malinda, enjoy your new you'll be able to root for the Gators in real time! Have a safe trip home!

p.s. Please don't forget to pick up some Gator gear for little Katie