Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Raining, it's Pouring...

And the old men are snoring...

Winter has come to Folsom. One day to the next, bam! 20 degree drop. And it is dark here, and I don't think it's just cause of the daylight savings time fall-back - it's that whole 'north of the equator early winter darkness' that I'd only ever read about in fairy tales. I walked out of the Dollar Store last night at 5:30pm and it was pitch black and raining and COLD. (Yes, the Dollar Store. I am loading up on the essentials for a long winter in Ireland. You may recall that I have had some difficulty from time to time procuring the necessities in that small island nation.) So then I had to drive in this inclement weather and all I could think about were those old ladies that say "Oh my! I just hate to drive at night I can't see a damn thing!" and I thought, shit. Am I that old? Because I was sweating it. All those bright lights dazzling before my eyes! I had the radio off, my hands at ten and two, wipers full blast, face up against the dash, driving 20mph on the highway with my hazards flashing.

And I am told that during the Irish winter, it is only light out from 10am to 4pm. I fear for my sanity.

Another thing that winter's arrival means is that I can't run the a/c unit at night. Insomnia.... hello old friend. We meet again. I thought I was cured. And last night, not only was I listening to Manus snore, but within his intermittent silences, I could hear the snoring of the neighbor. Is there no god? Manus' breathing becomes louder and louder next to me as I lay there trying not to hear it. And after inhalation his lips meet momentarily causing a breathy "Pooo!" sound as they part for the exhalation. I swear after ten minutes it was a two-toned foghorn with a firecracker exploding in the middle. I am ashamed now to admit it, but I actually asked God last night to please, please, please! help Manus to stop breathing. (oops) Immediately upon realizing that implication, I crossed my fingers, held my breath and knocked on the bedside table two times to reverse the jinx, so he should be okay... but c'mon..I need some sort of solution.

I am reading Eat, Pray, Love right now and I'm not giving anything away when I say that I'm at the part where she is in India, learning how to meditate. So last night I decided that if I couldn't sleep, maybe I could try to meditate and block out the breathing. In the book, the author uses the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. So I start..."Om.. Na.. Mah.. Shi.. Va.. Ya.., Om.. Na.. Mah.. Shi.. Va.. Ya.. Pooo!, Om.. Na.. Mah.. Shi.. Va.. Ya.. POOO!

That is when I got up and went to the couch.

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