Sunday, July 12, 2009

A New Do (For the few that grew)

We read a lot of Dr. Seuss here.

Katie had what I am considering her first haircut on Friday. It wasn't the first time she'd sat in the salon's chair and it wasn't the first time scissors had been taking to her head with the express purpose of shortening locks, but this was the first all-over, style changing, make a mound of hair on the floor kind of cut.

I didn't want to do it. We have been working for two years on having enough hair to twirl and curl and band and bow. But it did need it. She always had that just out of bed look about her. Ends were split and frayed and our recent chlorine treatments weren't helping matters.

Now we have healthy ends and almost a bit of a style, but it's too short for me. Manus loves it. Katie couldn't care less. And I didn't keep a curl for her baby book.

Okay, you got me... what baby book? Since this blog is my virtual baby book, here is Katie's virtual first lock of hair. And the keepsake box? Nothing short of an extremely valuable family heirloom. My grandmother gave it to me when she told me that she loved me the best of all the grandchildren.Katie models her new do (and the pictures; we snapped a few for you to view)

Speaking of things that have grown...
It really looks like I am sticking my stomach and butt out, but I'm not. They are just... protruding.


Clodagh said...


We love your new hair do, you look beautiful. xxxx

Debbie said... look great Malinda! And so does Katie :-) She really does look like she's modeling her new do.

Leslie said...

You both look beautiful! Katie sure does look like a big girl...big sister in waiting :)

Come to Arizona...its not THAT hot!

Love you!