Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tweet, tweet

We are now officially twitterfied.

I am of two minds on this twitter thing (how's that for an Irish-ism?!). On the one hand, I think it is freaking CRAZY that people are so interested in the minutia of other people's lives that they would follow anyone on twitter. Its like status updates on Facebook. "I'm going to bed now", "I'm waking up now", "I just sneezed". Who cares?!!

I do. That's who. (and don't think that admitting that doesn't come with a large dollop of inner turmoil and spiritual/emotional unease.) But I eat that shit up. I read People magazine, I watch E! News and I log on to Facebook at least once a day to see just who is "Getting ready for work", "Dicking off at work", "Getting caught on Facebook at work"... If you installed a webcam at your desk, I would probably sit here and watch you stare at your computer screen. Maybe not all day, but well, most of it.

Anyway, our twitter, or "tweets" if you will sing-o the lingo, will be for the express purpose of announcing the lead up and arrival of Baby Walsh. All the other dumb crap that happens in our lives I will reserve for full paragraphs of text in my blog.

I've replaced the Google Ads section with Twitter. Crazy! Right? I know, with all the mad money I was making from those stupid ads and everything! But, sacrifice I will. The good lord knows that's what a mother does (big sigh). So, you can just look there to see what's what or you can click on that "follow me on twitter" and after creating a twitter account of your own (easy, free and without obligation) you can configure things so that you will get a text message whenever Manus tweets about the baby.**

I don't think you will be inundated with texts from him either as he will reserve updating for the big events like:

Malinda's water just broke.
We are headed to the hospital.
Malinda's head just spun around like Linda Blair's.
The baby is here.
She says it's not mine.

If you want stuff like "Holy shit, I just stepped on the scale and it said 167.2 lbs so I chucked it out the window" you will have to continue to check in here every now and again. But ps, that whole thing about the 167 pounds... I just totally made that up. It's lies! All lies!

**How to get tweets on your phone
1. Click on the "follow me on twitter"
2. Click on Join Today! (create username and password)
3. You may then be prompted to enter your email and email password to search your email phonebook for contacts that have twitter. If you do this and Manus is a contact, just make sure that he is selected to "follow"
4. If #3 doesn't apply to you, go to your twitter "home" screen and click on "0 following" (on right hand side). Then choose to "add or invite more". then click "Find on twitter" and enter "brenock".
5. Once you are a follower of brenock, go to "settings" then "devices" and enter your mobile number and click to receive texts. (This apparently doesn't for Irish mobiles, but does work for the US and England).
6. Tell me if any of the above actually works. I can't get twitter to even find brenock and it won't send to my phone, so who the hell am I to be giving out directions?

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