Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Mommy and I miss you and we are ready for you to come home now! Since you left, this is the face that I have been making most of the time.

But when I think about you coming home, I make this face:

Mom and I are having lots of fun. Especially now that I'm not barfing or making the stinkiest, foulest, squeeze-out-the-leg-and-up-the-back-diarrhea any more! Mommy thought it was very clever of me to wait until you went out of town to get sick all over the place. I thought it was funny to watch her try to get her big belly over the side of my cot to change my sheets all 8 times in two days.
(This is me doing my "mommy impression" - see the chins?)

When Mommy told me today that we still have 4 days until you come back and then I started thinking about all that quality Mommy and Katie time til then, I made this face:
But then again, so did Mommy.

I've been practicing my hurling so we can play when you get back.
I hope you can hear me on this video. You know how quiet and demure I am all the time...

I love you,



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What a beauty. Love the different faces :-)