Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh. My. Gosh.

When Katie refused to nap in her crib today, (and I don't mean refused like, "Excuse me dearest mother, but I feel it in my best interest not to lie down for my mid-day rest" but more like "NONONONONONONO!!!!!! AGGGHHHHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOO", with sparks of fire and snot spewing from her face) Manus was called in to save her life. He lie down next to her in the big bed until it seemed she had dosed off. That's when he snuck out, leaving her to slumber amid a couple of piles of clothes and her diaper changing station. And her diaper cream.
She was so nice and quiet, who knew she wasn't actually asleep in there?

Future mug shot:
I think she looks like an Australian Aborigone.

If you think of it, a water-based diaper barrier cream wouldn't be very effective. There is a downside to that fact.


erica said...

My stomach hurts from the laughing. Sweet Jesus! And HOW pregnant are you?

Leslie said...

THAT would put me into labor too!!

Debbie said...

LMBO. There are no words.

Orflaith said...

That is so funny. Reminds me of an incident from years ago. I remember quite a few years ago when Clodagh was about 2 we were staying in Auntie Kittys (Malinda's M.I.L) house for the summer. Kitty had gotten Mom to wallpaper the stairs and landing. She did a beautiful job. Clodagh aged 2 decided she didn't like the design of the paper so got her hands on a tub of Sudo Creme (Diaper Creme) and put hand prints the whole way down the stairs! As you know it is reistant to water!. The whole job had to be done again.! So Katie is just following family tradition!

Jared said...

That is completely awesome! You didn't stage all this just so you can have the most entertaining blog did you? Because that would be cheating. GREAT stuff!