Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogger Slammed After Promises Fall Short. story at Eleven.

Okay, I know that I promised a big return to blogging today.

But. Its. Not. Going. To. Happen.

I will offer a couple of pretty good excuses though.

Manus' aunt Mary Babe Walsh died on Saturday morning. It was an expected death, she died peacefully in the local hospice and her illness was very brief in contrast to her long and healthy life (87 years old). I had met Mary on a few occasions and perhaps my family will note that they too met her at the shindig that was held in Bollard's during their visit in the summer of '06. Mary was a beautiful soul and for a such a small and frail looking woman had a warm and hearty hug for myself and Katie whenever we saw her.

It would be wrong to allow the impression that I cannot blog due to mourning or my sitting shiva or anything. However, we had a funeral mass and burial today and I sacrificed my blogging time to be in attendance there.

Furthermore, I believe it would be in bad taste to announce a death in the family, hit the return key a few times, start a new paragraph and then launch into the fart jokes and stanzas of the now internationally renowned "Button Mushroom" song that have dominated the last two weeks of my life. I do promise after an appropriate time has passed however, tales will be recounted and the shock and horror will cause you to run from the computer monitor, hands to your head in disgust, shouting "My Eyes! My Eyes!"

I am also so overwhelmed by they list of chores that need to be done now that I am back from vacation, among them getting some diapers as Katie currently has on the last clean one. If this one gets wet, I'll be forced to go MacGyver on a maxi pad and some paper clips.

Laundry, grocery shopping, vacuum, sweep the kitchen, make dinner, put away clothes, tidy all the crap that has accumulated on every horizontal surface over the last two weeks... it is very overwhelming. I think Ill take a quick nap just so I am fresh to get it all done.

Here's to Mary Babe and George Carlin. May they rest in peace.

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