Monday, June 30, 2008

You may think it's funny, but it's snot

A big hearty congratulations to my cousin Sarah on her nuptials this past Saturday in Johnstown, Pennyslvania. She married her long-time boyfriend Tommy Riffle. I've only received limited recounts of the party, but as my dad said, "the beer was cold and a good music DJ." I'm not sure if he was aware that his sentence didn't make sense, but that in and of itself is a sign that it was a pretty great party.

This union brings me to today's topic because their wedding announcement will read "Priest-Riffle" wedding. (Sarah's last name was Priest). Bear with me today if things don't make sense as I am all hocked up on cold medicine and can't think straight enough to deliver another installment of Laura's Ireland visit. So, Priest Riffle. That to me is a sniglet. I think the definition would be 'the sound a priest's robes make when he walks down the aisle' or, now that they are all outfitted with portable microphones, it could be 'the sound a priest makes (accidentally) during silent prayers which he then tries to blame on the scuffing of his shoes'.

My friend once dated a man and she said with humorous dismay that theirs would be the "Huge-Fruit" wedding. Fortunately, she is marrying a great guy named Denny Nelson. The two of us (Frum and Fruit) feel that we definitely "married up" (if only in last name).

I know this funny name union is a bit from Leno, but my head is doing swirlies and curly-Qs so I cannot be relied upon for original material today.

Also, if you look at the picture of Tommy above, besides him having 4 arms like the Hindu god Shiva, he looks as though he is channeling Johnny Carson's The Great Karnak.

For these reasons, I think Mr. Leno will let me steal his thunder.

All good stuff.

On a very serious note, my brother-in-law Brian is in hospital in Dublin right now with an acute case of appendicitis. I think he is in the operating room (theatre) as I type. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Think of him 5 times and you will receive great fortune. If you don't pray for him within the next 10 minutes, you will have very bad luck. Send this blog on to 14 fabulous, funny, smart women to make their day. Don't break this chain or gremlins will eat your brains while you sleep! This wish has gone around the world 13,456 times! Don't let it stop with you! or poor little Brian won't get his appendix took out.

Truth be told, his treatment could have been dangerously delayed, for when Brian first went to the doctor, the MD examined him and said, "Well, Brian, I think you have acute appendicitis." Brian, blushing, said, "Doctor, I came here for medical advice, not for some stupid come-on!"... (but thanks, and your's ain't so bad either.)

I cannot take credit for the above joke. But I did insert the "Brian" where it used to say "Dumb Blonde". That took some work. Donations will be accepted.


Georgie said...

what cold medication are you on??? is it an Irish original? or smuggled in from the States?

Anonymous said...

This is Jess, seeing if I
can post, even anonymously.

The wedding was great!
I also notice that freaky thing about Tommy's arms. Too weird!
The beer WAS cold--just ask my daughter!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I think I've finally found a
way to post! Woo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

You are sounding very European, saying Brian is "in hospital" instead of "in THE hospital." Next thing you know, you'll be going on "holiday" instead of vacation, and sending Katie to "university" instead of college. Tres chic!

Hope Brian is doing well now, sans appendix.

About the wedding:
Gabby was the star of the show, doing an improptu tap dance during the solo. She also stole a bit of Tommy's brother's thunder during the toast. Even so, he was hilarious. Sarah was absolutely gorgeous. I immediately began crying when she appeared at the back of the church with her father. I never used to cry at weddings. I think I'm getting old. I refused to be in charge of getting Mum-Mum to the church because I think we all know my track record on that one. (Sorry, again!!!)

My darling daughter wants to be sure you know she says hello. She's reading over my shoulder, so I'll end now. Oh, and as far as I'm concerned, go for the Button Mushroom. I am merely a back-up singer, the Eye Candy if you will, to Laura's incredible show.

Anonymous said...

Heya, it's Erin.

Just FYI - Ryan and I will be getting videos and more pics from the vahdding (*crosses fingers* please have seen 'Father of the Bride'! The one with Steve Martin, not the original) online shortly. I think he actually recorded the entire ceremony.

Anyways, hilarious as always...smoochie the baby for us!