Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The San Francisco Treat!

That damn song was on a repeat loop in my head the whole weekend. It didn't help things that the trolleys really do give that "ding, ding" as they pass by - just like in the jingle. The only time I could shake the song was for that split second we passed through the intersection of Haight and Ashbury when I started to lament not having flowers in my hair.

After a grueling 12 hours of travel from Ft. Lauderdale (to elaborate further on the journey would reduce me to a shuddering mass of incoherent sobs and occasionally mutterings about flight delays and a child that won't sleep, that flails out to grasp at shapes that aren't there and soils herself in the corner of a dark room) we finally reached our destination. Manus had driven from Folsom that evening and checked us into our no-tell motel, turning on all the lights to scatter the cockroaches and spraying down the sheets with lysol to disinfect. That night I was so tired, I didn't even care - the toilet had that 'sanitized for your protection' paper sash on the lid and that was good enough for me.
Saturday morning we grabbed a map, fueled up at a bagel nosh popular with the locals and set off on foot to explore the city. That silly San Fran is one hilly place. We walked a lot (uphill). I angered muscles I'd forgotten I had. But what a great and beautiful city. The views, the architecture, the people and ding, ding goes the trolley! rice-a-roni...

We walked down Lombard street also known as the "crookedest street" on our way to...
And in no time we'd made some new friends.
(Forgive me in advance for this next joke made in poor taste, but you know I can't help myself and you know it was the only thing running through my head at the time (besides RICE! a roni!, of course)
But, here it goes - Hey! How come nobody told me you were having your family reunion in San Francisco last weekend? Imagine my embarrassment as I stumbled upon it....

Yep, there's your uncle barking at everyone again...

We had lunch on Pier 39- Oysters and crabmeat and lychee mojitos! Oh my! ding, ding! La, la, la la-la treat! Then it was on to the Golden Gate bridge.

Bridge Babes....righteous.

We walked back into Chinatown (uphill) and had dinner at a place our city guide recommended. The food was good, service fine, decor lacking, and english limited but the lady hacking through the ducks lined up in the window with a giant cleaver- that is what really made the meal special.

If I were to go back, however, there was a restaurant on Grant Ave called Yee's that was hopping! A chinese restaurant filled with asian people -that is where I would like to eat.

After dinner we walked around (uphill) looking for some family-friendly entertainment. Sadly, we struck out.
Except this place, they offered child-care. just kidding. But Katie, ever practicing her new words, pointed up and said "ah-pple". No dear, those are melons.

Sunday morning we drove to the ocean. The fog was heavy, my friends (eww, I just heard McCain in my head) and it was cold but I had to put a foot in the pacific.
Ay papi, que cute...

Sadly, we didn't allot enough time for the Golden Gate park - which is HUGE, so we had to settle for just driving through it (yes, multiple roads. and a botanical garden, carousel, polo field, bison paddock, golf course, dutch windmill, aquarium, planetarium, extravagazium!) Note to self and any future S.F. visitor - set aside one whole day for the park - cause I didnt even mention the museum, japanese tea garden, flower conservatory, archery field or any of the 9 lakes...

But we had to scoot because we had tickets for Alcatraz at noon. Very interesting place. I recommend.

Katie was misbehaving so we left her there.

I'm uploading all the pictures from our weekend onto Flickr. You can see them by clicking on the photo montage in the bar on the right.


Leslie said...

Oooo, I like flickr! Looks like it was a great weekend reunion with Papi. Rice-a-roni, ding, ding...bitch.

Jared said...

That is a beautiful city. Favorite pic is you and Katie with the bridge in the background.