Monday, July 14, 2008

Come to Rose Hill!

After my cousin Laura's visit here was such a success, Manus and I decided to team up with Ireland's Tourism and Travel Board and list our place as available guest accommodations for anyone visiting the Kilkenny area.

We have to submit our own brochure ideas and pictures, but fortunately we took quite a few while Laura was staying with us so our advertising will have a real air of authenticity.

This is the copy and layout that we have so far, I was hoping you all would look it over and just give us some initial feedback. If we end up using your suggestions, we are prepared to offer a 20% discount on YOUR next trip to Rose Hill.

Here it is:

Planning a trip to Kilkenny? Why book into an overcrowded hotel in the middle of the city? Come enjoy a rustic retreat in your very own cabin!

With stunning views of the Irish countryside.
This spacious cabin comfortably sleeps six, and we lock you up good and tight each night for your own added privacy and safety.

As you can see, we boast only the best four-ply mattresses and bedding. Why not relax and read a book before heading off to dreamland?

You will wake each morning refreshed and ready to welcome the day!

Why not start your day the truly Irish way - Play Guess the Day's Weather! This game will challenge and amaze you. Not even our forecasters get extra hints.

If the weather does stay fine, there are lots of activities for you to choose from right outside your door!

Or take advantage of our state of the art recreational facilities

Each cabin boasts its own central heating and lighting amenities

And of course, with each cabin is your own private toileting facility. weather permitting.

For those parents who just want to get away on your own, we offer a fully equipped children's playroom in the main house.
As always, clothing is optional.

We look forward to your stay with us! Book soon!

So, what do you think? And how much should we charge? Is $1000/night a bit too much?


Anonymous said...

Outrageous! You really have too much time on your hands, woman. I hope you can make tons of money with this project! Sign me up for two weeks at Christmas!

Leslie said...

Was there really not enough to do with Laura that you were reduced to this?? You two are clearly related.

Anonymous said...

Are the snazzy boots included?
How about the undies down around her knees? They are stylin'!

Tried to upload the video at Jess's house and had the same results.
Will try at Mummum's this week.
If the same thing happens, I am DONE!

Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...

Oh holy crap, you two just aren't right! Hilarious! My favorite shot is Laura on the bucket, pants around her knees, reading the paper. I am, however, admiring the cabin. Maybe you could give Bob and Ray some pointers on getting one built quickly.


Simon Teppett said...

Perhaps you could squeeze in bunk beds in the attic space there - and make it an 8 sleeper ??
Just a thought ...

Debbie said...