Tuesday, July 29, 2008



I can add this blog entry as it doesn't require photos (thankfully) and Katie is in her third hour of nap. (must be jet lag from England...)

Came home last night to the welcoming sight of dog shit. No, no, my fancy plastic fencing around the front grass is not failing. The dog is now just shitting on our driveway. Thanks.
The ironic thing is that now that I am trying to grow a plant in the grass, I just scooped the poop and tossed it into the grass. Maybe I should take down the fence and eliminate the middleman.

On a related subject, I believe George W. said it best when he said, "Fool me once, shame on you....uh..duh....ya fool me, ya can't get fooled again!"

Well, I did get fooled again. Had Katie downstairs on the tile (thank god) and she was just in her diaper. So she squats down and grunts, face turning red. No surprise as to what is occurring under wraps, but, when she stands back up, a corn puff that I guess had been wedged in between her diaper and belly popped out onto the floor and I did a double take thinking she had just pooped an intact snack. After finishing my laugh which led to katie's belly laugh which led to laughing so hard we had tears, I put her down on her changing mat and proceeded to change the dirty diaper. She has had some diaper rash so I decided to let her go al fresco for a while. A few moments later, "ppfffft, ahhhh" She actually sighed after farting. What a sign of the little lady she is to become! But that had us laughing again. I guess I was laughing too much to learn a lesson. What does a fart like to precede? yup.

I looked at my naked baby on the floor, confused as to what she was sitting on. I could see something between her legs and as I circled her, saw it was also coming from behind. No, correct that, it was coming from her behind.

Manus was laughing at this point but I no longer was. I was yelling at him to not "just stand there, get a friggin paper towel!!" The hilarity of the moment was lost on the poor man when he realized that, yes, I did want him to clean it up. "and scrub that grout.. Its not supposed to be brown!"

To quote Bob Dylan's famous hit, "How many times must the crapp'n balls fly before bare is forever banned?"

And lastly on this fabulous topic, I really have been working on my potty mouth as Katie is entering the stage of mimicry, but I was wondering, is there such thing as potty brain? Is it okay to think, "mother fucking shit on a fucking crapper!" if I only say, "golly- gosh darnit that sure is a shame"?

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