Wednesday, July 30, 2008

London Broil...a second serving

Hopefully Blogspot will cooperate today.

Now, where were we? Ah yes... Saturday's baptismal celebration

Esme gets dunked by the Vicar. (And don't say Vicar like it rhymes with wicker, you 'mericuns. Say it properly (or propa-lee), like the English, with great multitudes of pompousness and self-righteousness, thus rhyming it with "Flicka") Thank you, thank you Henry 8 for such fun words.
What is it about a baby in a photo that makes it impossible to get anyone to look at the camera?

Family Photo

(l-r) Godmother/Aunt Orla, brother Robert holding baby Esme, Granddad/Godfather Neville, Super Simon the Rockin' Pops and the Mum Clo*

*Please note: as I have been threatened with the punishment of death by mutilation if I post any pictures of Manus' cousin Clodagh, the mother of Esme, the role of Clodagh will be played by Penelope-Anne Abernathy, local Clodagh look-alike and impersonator, for the purposes of this blog.

Jake and Jesus sitting in the church.

Now Jake is Orla's son making him Esme's cousin, but given the age difference and the roles that will undoubtedly be played, Jake wishes to be referred to as "Uncle Jake". This is not to be confused with the West Virginian phenomenon whereas your cousin is called "Daddy". Jesus is Clodagh's brother Neville. Now this makes him Esme's uncle, but we call him "Our Father".

Pics from the Party

Katie played with her new friend Poppy.

William and his daddy played with the ceramic toadstool. Later this would be the spot of the infamous dead mouse show-and-tell. Thank god there was an adult there, Malinda, or one of the young innocent children might have picked up the rabid rodent. Oh wait... they did.
Penelope-Anne Abernathy, when playing 'Clodagh' insists on character accuracy, right down to the twisted knee and hospital-issue crutches.

The day was great, not a drop of rain. Lots of food, booze, stories and laughter. The children, when not investigating nature's cycle of life or Wii's endless offerings of virtual fun, were getting their asses kicked by me in the jumbo-sized Connect Four game. good times... good times.

Sunday was pretty much more the same... Steam, Jim Beam and Ice Cream. Or that was the party I attended in Alabama. In Essex it was more like heat, cold meat and bare feet.

But Sunday will have to wait until Thursday as the Princess is calling for her tea.


Leslie said...

Whats the difference between london broil and pea soup?...Anyone can bake beef but not everyone can pee soup :)

Clodagh said...

mmmmmmmmmmm BAAAAAAAAD things!!!

Anonymous said...

ok i will continue to not use punctuation. heavily at least. it's just a reflection on my ONLY character flaw (impatience) rather than my effectiveness as an *ahem* english teacher. SOOOOOO, this blog is just like being a fly on your wall. The best parts this week is effing up the car then running back in, katie pooping on the floor because i could actually hear your voice saying about the friggin paper towel, and breath-snatching laughs at being taken off guard with the picture of jake and jesus. even though i don't know jake, i do know jesus. both of them. hahaha.

xandra said...

I remember Jesus. Barely.