Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun + Wholesome = Folsom

We are having all kinds of wholesome fun here in Folsom. Katie and I have set out on a few driving adventures to find all that Folsom has to offer. We've explored historic downtown Folsom, complete with Wild West style store fronts and an interactive railroad yard. We drove out to Folsom Lake and planned where to have our perfect picnic. We braved the Folsom Outlet Mall. We found a great park walking distance from the house. We even joined in on a free Gymboree class. And we did all this while Manus was hard at work. But the most fun we've had has been on the weekends.

We are trying to make the most of what Folsom, etc. has to offer. And this place is great for festivals. Our first weekend we went to the Folsom Gourd & Craft Festival and this past weekend it was Elk Grove's Giant Pumpkin & Harvest Festival. Neither had gyros though and they called their french fries "Freedom Fries"... seriously?

The Pumpkin Festival had a real patriotic feel. It was, as Manus would say, "A Uniquely American Experience". There is no question where all the McCain supporters were this past weekend. One guy was wearing a shirt that said, "Al Gore didn't invent the Internet, but he did make up global warming." Hmm, nice. Yessir, some real good 'ol boys live here in NoCal. But I say, "Why can't we all just get along?"

The highlight of the festival though, was the giant pumpkin regatta. Again, a uniquely american experience.

Katie enjoyed the regatta.

But I think she liked the fair food more.

Here are some more pictures of Katie enjoying herself...

Is that the funky chicken?

She's expecting a big haul this Halloween.

Poor thing is traumatized by the camera flash... We may never capture a good smile again.

**Just a note, some of the pictures are hard to see, did you know that you can click on them to enlarge?

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Anonymous said...

That pumpkin regatta is cool. I'm reading my kids at school a story about it next week. I'm assuming it's the one you were at....how many places grow pumpkins just to use as boats???