Thursday, October 9, 2008

Seeing pictures in the clouds

Katie is really starting to talk these days. Wow. That is a dramatic overstatement of the facts...Okay, Katie is really starting to make sounds from her mouth these days. I'm telling people to hear her talk is like looking up at the clouds. Oh yeah, sure, I can see Abe Lincoln on a unicycle with a feather boa drinking Tab in that cloud over there.. Katie makes gobbledy-goop sounds but if you listen closely and look at what she is doing, I swear sometimes you hear something that makes sense. The other day she held up a sweater and said, "Op de gop de gop" and I said, sure honey, I can help you put that on. It was really quite clear to me. Manus' look said "you are both deranged" but he has that look a lot so we disregard his input.

Other words in Katieland:

"boon" is balloon, ball, anything round.

"gog" is dog and/or duck.

"ga gan" - with hands above head means "all gone" or "I'm done"

"ch-ooz" - variable meanings.. shoes, cheese, juice, shit.

"ne-ump" - with hand extended means "I want some"

"ne-ump" - with head turned away and a dramatic wave of the hand means "nope, no more, stop trying"

"a-da" - that or what's that? depending on inflection

"ooh -OOH - ooh" means she just saw mommy with chocolate

Occasionally she will say "Dada" (Manus somehow hears it much more often than I) but still never will you hear her say "Mama". what a turd.

Other things that require little, if any, translation:

means, "guess who learned how to open a drawer!?"
means, "guess who learned how to open a cabinet?!"
means, "who needs toys?" (seriously, such a weird one -where'd she get that?)
means "mom was finally able to hold me down long enough make a ponytail!!!"
means "I told you I hate that flash!"
means "I really look like my mom in this picture" ergo, "I am obviously the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world"
means "my mom is friggin hysterical"

(and check out her rosary beads...her all-time favorite accessory. she cries if you try to take them... what a great little catholic.


Leslie said...

I love the rosary! Perhaps it is her spiritually inspired accessorizing that leads to her enlightenment and superb manual dexterity. Man, she DOES look like you!

The Stewart Report said...

She is getting so big!! And cuter and cuter :) I love her in the cabinent. Addy will pull everything out and bang on it with a wooden spoon but she's never crawled in like that, too cute.

Debbie said...

What a cutie patootie. And so much fun. :-D

Anonymous said...

I think Katie looks like you in EVERY picture. She is a mini-Mali. When the boys were little, we had one cabinet in the kitchen dedicated to them. They would pull everything out onto the floor, then climb inside. Then they'd get out. Then back in. Out. In. You get the idea. And now, even at ages 6 and 8, they still occasionally pull the pots and wooden spoons out and give drum solos.


Jared said...

Holy cow. You are the first friend I know that has a kid who looks like her Mom. Very cute.

AWifeAbroad said...

Hi Malinda, It's Jenny Ludwig's friend Eira. Not sure if you remember me. Jenny told me about your blog because I just started a blog because my husband and I are moving to France. Just substitute France for Ireland. Sound familiar? Except you're back now, right? Anyway, your blog is is absolutely hysterical and Katie is the cutest thing ever. Nice to catch up with you - virtually... E