Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Katie

Well, Friday was Katie's birthday and despite a cake my Mummum Rice would be proud of, our celebrations were a bit dampened by illness.
Katie started getting sick on Thursday. Fever, vomiting, (loose stools too, if you will). She was so drowsy and so pale that she was blue even that we took her an after hours clinic. The doctor there said most likely it was just a stomach bug and tylenol for fever, fluids etc. etc. (remind me at the end to talk about how easy and quick it was to have her seen). So, anyway, here it is Monday and long story short, the stomach bug proved to be a birthday gift that keeps on giving and Friday night it got me and by Sunday morning Manus too was praying to the porcelain goddess.
But, as they say on Broadway, the show must go on.

With enough food and drink to feed an army (yes, Ireland has one... drove by the barracks just the other day) we awaited our guests.
"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..."
(l-r) Papa Niall, Manus and the party animal, Aunt Peig, Nana Kay
Sean and Monica
(l-r) Orla, Nana with Katie, Niall, Jake and Manus

So then we all sang, Katie blew out her candles, we ate cake and everyone went to bed.
Well, maybe there was more, but it's taken me all day to muster the energy to post this much, so I'll have to work on it again tomorrow. Unless my head is back in the toilet. just to leave you with a pleasant thought...


Clodagh said...

Hey guys

Sorry to hear you are not well, hope it passes soon. We love the pictures of Katie on her birthday, she looks sooo sweet.

Leslie said...

Poor girl. It sucks to be sick on your b-day when all you want to do is be the life of the party. And for mommy and daddy to be sick with a busy toddler is no fun either. I hope you all are improving, keep up those fluids! Love you!

Georgie said...

You poor things! Hope she was able to enjoy her cake a little... I almost didn't recognize you with the cake in ur hand, you look different when you inhale and have ur picture taken. hehehehe Kiss to u all, get well soon. I'll send you some zofran via telepathy...

Debbie said...

What a bummer that you all were sick. The cake was beautiful though! :-)

I hope you are all feeling better. Katie is so stinkin' cute; I hope she had a good time despite feeling down in the dumps...literally.

Jared said...

Good grief! Little babies are like hand grenades. When they are sick they explode their illness in all directions and the diseased shrapnel always catches Mom and Dad unawares. Terri and I are recovering from a nasty flu that Hanna decided to pass along to us. She recovered quickly. Not so much Mom and Dad! Happy Birthday Katie! Get well soon Walshes! Love ya.