Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday = NoNewsDay

Hi Everyone.
Mom wanted me to drop a line to let you know that she is not feeling well today and doesnt want to write a blog. I mean, she is fine physically, but we went to the grocery store today and she couldnt find any baking soda, which maybe was there but is called something completely different and not kept beside the baking powder (which everyone knows is where it belongs) and that sent her off on a "where's all the damn american shit when you need it?" rant and it was all I could do to keep her from stopping at the McDonalds on the way home for a pity party. ( I reminded her that like everything else, the Big Mac would probably LOOK the same but taste weird and maybe they would call it a Royale with Cheese.... she cried a little at that point.)

So anyway, we got our satelite tv set up today so mom is going to veg out and look for 90210 reruns.

She might be back tomorrow.


Georgie said...


Tell your mom to chill out. What was she gonna do anyway, bake? hehehe Tell her to relax and site back and watch all the cool reruns and not to make any hasty decisions with Big Macs! Tell her it could be worse, she could be on 5 tower working a few 3-11 shifts (like someone I know). Give her my love and take some for u too! Stay bundled, hope those outfits worked out well. Love to you all.

Georgie said...

Woops just realized i had a lot of typos on that last post- forgive me. baby-mommy brain!

Kristy Hajimihalis said...

Hi Katie! How beautiful you are! OK, tell your Mom that I've found that "The Office" is a FANTASTIC way to make you laugh, and that you should start with Season 1 and make your way to the current season (which is 4, and you can watch online). It's a surefire pick-me-up and my new favorite show. Love you, Walshes!

Wahoo said...

Hey Malinda,

We love the blog! Keep it up. Forget the Big Mac...Where 's the nearest Pub???