Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Update with Malinda Walsh

Just a little old SNL reference for yous guys.

First off, Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. And to all those mothers-to-be. And all those muthas too (you know who you are).

We had a very nice weekend, but I did get a bit homesick from time to time.

Friday night we went out to Desart (my in-law's house). That could be a "things are different here" topic all together. You refer to a person's house by the name. Or the area. Hell, my mother in law refers to people by their area. There is "Mary Ballykeefe" and "Huntstown Mary". Of course, she may just know too many Marys.

So we went to Desart because Manus' uncle (his mom's brother) was visiting from London for the weekend so we had a big meal out there with some of the family. Good friends Mr. Jameson and Mr. Smirnov were there too and they insisted we stay the night. So we did and Saturday morning we left Katie with Nana and took a few hours to clean our house.

There are pros and cons to being the first people to live in a house. For example, you don't get totally grossed out when you are fishing hair from the shower drain cause you know you put it there. And I'm using an extra toilet bowl brush holder that I found lying around as a toothbrush holder. (now that one does require a leap of faith, I'll admit). But, because we are the first to live in a brand new house we get to deal with the dreaded BD. Builder Dust. You know this stuff... it's got magical properties. Its white when its coating something black and black when it's covering something white. It creates a mortar-like paste when mixed with water, but is light enough to float on the breeze (or sneeze) and manages to lodge itself into EVERY nook and cranny. If we die suddenly, autopsy us and you will find black lung. Or will it be white lung?...

But now that the house is clean, I can show you the upper two levels.
When you walk up the main staircase, you stand on the second floor landing. If you turn right, through double doors is our family room (photo above and below) you can see the orange couch that matches the chairs we moved downstairs and you see the laptop. I am sitting right there in front of that laptop RIGHT NOW. crazy shit, huh?
Above is what you see if you are sitting on the couch. If you couldn't tell, this is Katie's playroom too.
This is the bedroom on the 2nd level if you were to turn left at the top of the stairs. Its supposed to be the master as it has the en suite (bathroom attached) but we use it as the guest room/nap room. Now on to the 3rd floor.
This is where all the magic happens... the master, baby! yeah. anyway. All the beds are full size beds so you can see that all the rooms are quite small. I always leave a suitcase packed and out just to keep Manus on his toes.
These bureaus are in each room in the place of a closet. They hold exactly 4 tee-shirts, 2 pair of pants and 3 pair of socks (2 if they're knee-highs). Fortunately there are 4 of them. I've taped clues to the inside of the doors to help us find our underoos. Ive got a little mneumonic going to help with some like, vests and things for your chest (bras) are in the GUEST room, but what about tighty whities? I guess if we had any, the 'wife beaters' would go in the MASTER...

Bathroom. Self-explanatory, I hope. Note jacuzzi tub. Righteous.
Katie's room. I shipped over the bumper from mia only to find out that the "cots" here are smaller. too bad, we are using it anyway. S much for tight, fitted bedclothes. Even the sheets that were bought here don't fit properly. The mattress protector is literally a sheet of plastic. No way to secure it. Katie sounds like a puppy on newsprint in the middle of the night.
Last stop on our tour is really where the magic is made. The control tower. Ground zero for any and all things brenock. When Brenock Technology takes over the world, you can say you knew it when.
Here is Katie on the moooove. I'm thinking in a few weeks she should be able to get out there and cut our grass. Earn her keep, so to speak.

This girl ROCKS when she rolls!


Fav Fla Aunt said...

This is great; better than any literature at our place. We did miss you on Mothers' Day; had a raucous Canasta game with the help of my new bottle of Cabo Wabo! U. Bill says that Guinness can stop laying off employees now that Manus IS BACK!

Georgie said...

Great story! This and Dancing with the Stars is my only adult entertainment. I got your card today, thank you. I miss you, work sucks. Same sick people, different day! I'll check in again tomorrow ;-)Kisses to Katie.

Debbie said...

Loved the tour. And Katie is too cute!