Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Whole New World

I think I'm going to try this blogging thing out... I know we have the other website, but only Manus holds the secrets to posting on that one and he is working like mad...

This will allow me also to share photos of the house and katie and all things great and small in Kilkenny.

Of course, now the pressure is on.... Can't blame Manus for not having things up to date.

I will however forewarn anyone who will want to get on me for not blogging in a timely manner; I am working on a 1986 Atari 1800 computer and sometimes the buttons don't work right. Okay, so it's really Manus' old Dell laptop - but still, some of these keys are possessed.. And second excuse (to be used in future whenever applicable) is that Katie LOVEs pressing the keys on the keyboard and therefore my online time will be limited to naptime and nana time.

Is there a term for excuses being idenitified even before the transgression has occured? If not, there should be. Can we make up a SNIGLET?

Is a sniglet really something that should be in the dictionary, but isnt?

If not, is there a word for a word that should be a word, but isnt?

If a word isnt found in the dictionary, is it still a word?

If a tree falls...


Clodagh said...

Hey Malinda

What a great idea, now your Mum, Dad and all in the US can keep up with you. Love the house, especially that fab orange chair!!! Cuddles for Katie.

See you all soon

Clodagh xxx

Debbie said...

I'm so glad you're bloggin', yay! You're officially bookmarked, can't wait to see where this new adventure takes you :-)

Simon said...

As a founding member of "Friends of the Atari 1800 computer" (1986 chapter) I am scandalised to find out that you are in actual fact using a Dell.


Deep breaths!!!!!