Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things Are Different Here (part II)

First, I would like to apologize for the broadcast interruption yesterday. But you were forewarned; This computer is as old as the hills and like old things, it tires quickly, forgets what its supposed to be doing, and every now and again becomes incontinent. So, yesterday it pooped out. Manus fixed it up real nice so we are back online today.

I must type quickly as I only have 20 minutes until the first layer of Katie's birthday cake is done baking. Then I have to cool it down, pop it out of the pan, re-grease, re-flour and refill the pan and get layer two underway. Yes, I know they could both be done at the same time, but I could only afford one cake pan (and it's only a 7-incher - yes gentlemen, that is a small one...) But that brings me to today's topic. Things are freaking expensive here. And Im not just talking about the going exchange rate. That cake pan was 6.99 euros. So think, 10 bucks. shite muslim!

It seems that milk and fuel are often what people use to price compare, so I will too. Milk here comes in liter (litre) cartons and at SuperValu (they leave the e off for savings) it cost 1.19 euro. Now I dont have to tell you that there are 3.7 liters in a gallon, so we are talking about approx 4.50 for a gallon of milk. Not bad you say? hrmph ( I love to hrmph, but I dont think I am spelling it properly) But hrmph, 4.50 is in euro. In dollars we are talking about $7.00 for MILK.
And this comparison is continued quite easily by the fact that petrol is sold by the litre as well and is too about 1.20 euro per. So, real quick math - $7 for a gallon of unleaded. Makes the 3.50 of Miami Beach I used to complain about look damn good.

Now, don't even get me started on what these you-rope-eeans are pulling! Too late! I've started...They have a store called euro 2 only they superscript the 2 so it looks like euro squared. Real fancy, real cute. Well, this is their version of the dollar store (or they still call it the pound shop). Everything in the store is, you guessed it, 2 euro. But, my man, that is $3 and it is THE SAME EXACT SHIT that you get in the dollar stores. You look at the back of the stuff and it's stamped "euro general" same font and everything as the dollar general. What did they think there would be no americans in the know shopping there? I am on to their racket. I dont even know why they keep dollar stores in the states. They are losing money there! We'll buy the same crap here for 3 times the price! And you know what, I do too, because its still a hell of a lot cheaper than buying the stuff in the other stores.

Well, my time is up. Cross your fingers on the cake. Sorry no pictures today cause like I said the computer crashed, all was lost and I haven't had time to re-whatever the digital pics from the camera.

Now tomorrow is Katie Anne's very first birthday so I dont expect to have the time to blog. But I promise that I will on Saturday with lots of pictures and maybe even my cake recipe!


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! Wow ~ the big 0-1. How exciting :-) Enjoy your birthday cake...looking forward to the pics.

Clodagh said...

Jesus Malinda

I bought a 10" cake tin yesterday and it cost me £10 sterling (20bucks) and I thought I had a real bargain on my hands!!

Clodagh said...

Happy Birthday Katie

It is hard to believe that it is a year since you came into our lives. We hope you have a wonderful day and lots of fun at your party.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Lots of love

Clodagh, Simon and Esme xxxxx

xandra said...

happy birthday baby.
I am your mum's cousin.
In case you were wondering.
Love kisses and find yourself a scale
They must have a goodwill over there.

Georgie said...

HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! We are thinking of you today and we miss you lots.... Love, Georgie, Javi and Edward

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday little snicker doodle floopy scoop cute button mushy flort loopsie plootentashen! My birthday was 2 days ago - thanks for not being born that day. I love you forever!

Kristy Hajimihalis said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! Enjoy your first birthday in IRELAND - WOW! Lucky girl. Lots of love to Mali and Manus as you celebrate! Love, Kristy