Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm passing

You know when a transexual is doing such a good job at impersonating a woman they say she is "passing"? That' s how I feel about thinking that I am a local. Guess that makes me a successful transeurol or something. And thank God there is no big operation at the end to look forward to like my "passing' compatriots.

The other day I was walking into town with Katie and an elderly gentleman complete in woolen cardigan and kangol cap, stops me and with a thick Irish brogue, asks "How do I get to da parade?" - He thought I was a local! And what is even more amazing; I knew the answer. But I was so self-conscious when I spoke to direct him. Like I thought he would be pissed if he realized that I was american. Like I duped him or something. I dont know what it is but I feel that way with all the old men. Old men seem to be the only people who will say "good day" or "lovely weather, isn't it?" as you walk past. Im practicing my Irish accent, but til then I try to keep my answers real short so they wont hear my accent. If they just say good day, I'll just tip my head forward in a slight nod and smile that thousand watt smile of mine. But if they comment about the weather (which most do as the Irish are obsessed with the weather) I've learned a quick "Tis" or "luv-lee" will suffice.

When I walk into town I automatically look right now before crossing the street. Sure, I'll be killed the second I step off the curb the next time I'm in the states, but I know which direction the traffic is coming from here!

Over the last couple of days I've seen 3 different women that I know from Katie's playgroup. Not that I know them well enough to know their names, but enough for a nod and smile or a "luv-lee day". Manus says I know more people in this town now than he does. And it might be true. I seem to go to the same cashier in SuperValu every time. Renata Plonka. (If she wants to pass, she'd better do something about that name. Maybe O'Plonka....Did I mention there are like a gazillion eastern europeans living here in Kilkenny? SuperValu has a dedicated 'Polski Schelpi" section. I find myself walking around saying, "ugh! these damn foreigners!" (please don't let the irony pass you by on that one.)

Then, the other day, this big group of American tourists were standing around and blocking the footpath (even using the lingo with ease) and when they saw me coming they said, "Oh, excuse us" and moved out of the way. So you KNOW they thought I was Irish. I mean, if they thought I was just another american, they would have said "screw you" and kept standing there.

And finally, as I was browsing the aisles of Euro 2 the other day (otherwise known as the $3 store) I saw something to buy and said, "wait! I know where I can get this cheaper" And I did too.

I'm just your average comparison shopping-right hand side looking-direction giving orange/white/and green fool! I hope you'll be able to understand what I'm saying the next time we know, the accent might be too thick ('tick' as they say here)

Now, tell me this isn't the cutest little Irish kid you've ever seen:


Clodagh said...


My family have lived in Callan for 20 years or more and they are still considered blowins!! It takes awhile. It doesnt help that everyone in the town is related to each other except for the Mullally's,

Teri said...

I would love to say that is the cutest Irish kid I've ever seen, except that I didn't get the pic!!

Besides, I think Katie is the cutest Irish kid I ever saw!!

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh...she is WAY too cute! :-)

Anne said...

Oh, she is so yummy!!!!

Jared said...

I must teach my Hanna the monkey language! Too cute! Awesome!

Kristy Hajimihalis said...

OH MY GOSH! That was fantastic! That girl was 11 weeks old last time I saw her - now she's a monkey! Love it. And it was great to hear your voice, too, Mamalinda. MISS YOU!!! Love,Kris